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Community Guide to Trash and Recycling

We are working with Waste Management ( to handle our trash

AND recycling collection at LHSC. 

We have two dumpsters at both the front and rear locations:

  • One larger one only for trash;

  • One smaller only for recycling (see recycling label on dumpster).


Here's a handy video demonstrating how our dumpsters work:


  • Household trash should be bagged and tossed into the Trash dumpster

    • We recommend using compostable bags since plastic is forever!

  • For large, bulky items (e.g., furniture, appliances, construction debris, etc.) 

    • Hold onto these and put them into the extra dumpsters we rent over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends; or

    • Take them to the Cochecton Transfer Station at 433 Mitchell Pond East Road open on Wednesday and Saturday, 7:45am – 2:45pm,


You can download and print this handy recycling poster.


Three Basic Rules for recycling:

  1. Recycle bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.

  2. Keep food and liquid out of your recycling.

  3. No loose plastic bags and no bagged recyclables.

Lake Huntington Summer Community
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